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Modelling World 2024

November 2-3, 2024 | Birmingham, UK Modelling World 2024 Modelling World 2024 is an event for transport modelling professionals focused on business critical questions in the sector.  PRESENTATION: Dynamics in modelling Convergence in large scale dynamic models Tessa HaymanProduct Specialist wednesday, June 19th, 202411:30 When conducting appraisal and scheme testing, it is important to be confident that the change you observe between scenarios is caused by the scheme test rather than noise. This [...]

Modelling World 20242024-05-29T08:11:55-03:00

ITS NY Annual Meeting

April 15th- 18th , 2024 | Dublin, Ireland Transport Research Arena TRA Join us at the Transport Research Arena (TRA), where innovators, researchers, and industry leaders converge to shape the future of transportation.TRA serves as a nexus for visionaries, scholars, and industry pioneers to collaboratively shape the trajectory of transportation. Whether seasoned professionals or burgeoning enthusiasts, participants at TRA can engage in lively discussions, present pioneering research, and explore [...]

ITS NY Annual Meeting2024-05-28T01:40:36-03:00

hEART 2024

June 18-20, 2024 | Espoo, Finland hEART 2024 Come and join us at the free Aimsun Workshop as part of the 12th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation (hEART).Aimsun is a long-time supporter and sponsor of this event, which provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and research findings in transportation planning, traffic management, sustainable transportation, logistics, and intelligent transportation systems. Meet the Aimsun team Athina TympakianakiSenio Sci [...]

hEART 20242024-05-28T00:37:39-03:00


May 22-23, 2024 | Coventry, UK Traffex 2024 Join us at Traffex booth D10, where we’ll be co-exhibiting with Yunex. Explore innovative solutions, engage in insightful conversations, and discover the future of transportation with us Learn more The post Traffex appeared first on Aimsun. Post original [...]


26th China Expressway Information Conference and Technology & Products Exhibition (CEIC)

March 28th - 29th , 2024 | Heifei, China 26th China Expressway Information Conference and Technology & Products Exhibition (CEIC) The 26th Highway Informatization Conference is heading  to Hefei on March 28th! Meet our team at stand #A313, Hall 2 Oscar JiangRegional Head of Business Development  Grace YuSenior Transport Modeller  Learn more The post 26th China Expressway Information Conference and Technology & Products Exhibition (CEIC) appeared first on Aimsun. Post original [...]

26th China Expressway Information Conference and Technology & Products Exhibition (CEIC)2024-03-13T07:10:35-03:00

LCRIG South West

March 7th , 2024 | Exeter, UK LCRIG South West Group Event The next LCRIG South West Group event will take place on 7th March 2024 at Westpoint, Exeter.The event is being sponsored by WJ Group and the theme is ‘Procuring Innovation’.Speakers will include representatives from the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG), Local Authorities and Industry. Discussion topics will cover innovative procurement models, products and services.A panel session will also take place to provide time for dis [...]

LCRIG South West2024-02-27T08:19:36-03:00

Jornadas Sobre Zonas de Bajas Emisiones en Zaragoza

Febrero 22-23 , 2024 | Zaragoza, Spain III Jornadas Sobre Zonas de Bajas Emisiones en Zaragoza Evento crucial en la búsqueda de soluciones sostenibles y ambientalmente amigables para abordar los desafíos asociados con la calidad del aire en entornos urbanos.Este encuentro reúne a expertos, líderes gubernamentales, académicos y profesionales del medio ambiente con el objetivo de compartir conocimientos, experiencias y estrategias para mitigar la contaminación atmosférica.   Estas jornadas bu [...]

Jornadas Sobre Zonas de Bajas Emisiones en Zaragoza2024-02-08T13:01:10-03:00


Abril 23-25 , 2024 | Madrid, España 24º Congreso Español ITS del 23 al 25 de abril de 2024, IFEMA (MADRID) será el escenario del 24º Congreso Español de la Movilidad, bajo el lema ”Los ITS como instrumento Clave para la Digitalización”, organizado por ITS España. Asimismo, se adjunta la actualización del programa del Congreso, que incluye sesiones técnicas, áreas temáticas, participantes e información general del evento.En paralelo al Congreso, se ofrecerá un área de exposición ̵ [...]

ITS ESPAÑA2024-02-08T13:01:10-03:00

XIII Jornadas Sobre ITS en Catalunya

18 de Gener, 2024 | Barcelona, Spain XII Jornadas sobre ITS en Catalunya El 18 de Gener de 2024 tindrà lloc una Jornada amb els membres del sector ITS de Catalunya, per a abordar temes d’actualitat sobre l’aplicació dels ITS en el Transport Públic i la Gestió de la mobilitat. Coneix al nostre equip Josep Maria AymamiRegional Head of Business Development  Berta BoraoBusiness Development Specialist  Presentació: Sistemes predictius basats en AI. El cas de la C-32 C/ Diputació, 355.0800 [...]

XIII Jornadas Sobre ITS en Catalunya2024-01-16T07:16:44-03:00

Transport Ai 2023

January 23, 2023 | Manchester, UK Transport Ai 2023 Join us at Transport AI 2024, where public and private sector professionals converge to engage in discussions about the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) within the realm of transport and planning. Explore the forefront of innovation and share insights with industry leaders at this dynamic event. Meet the Aimsun team Gavin BaileyRegional Head of Business Development Carles IlleraRegional Head of Professional Services Network M [...]

Transport Ai 20232024-01-05T10:52:13-03:00
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