October 11-15, 2021, 27th ITS World Congress

27th ITS World Congress October 11-15Hamburg, Germany The ITS World Congress is the most important international industry event in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS). From 11–15 October 2021, thought leaders, developers, entrepreneurs and decision makers from the transport, logistics and IT industries will meet at the Hamburg Congress Center and Hamburg Messe fair ground. The future of mobility is right around the corner, with new developments to experience, apply and [...]

October 11-15, 2021, 27th ITS World Congress2021-05-20T12:26:43-03:00

September 13-15, 2021, 49th European Transport Conference

49th European Transport Conference September 13-15Online The European Transport Conference (ETC) is the annual conference of the Association for European Transport, attracting transport policy makers, practitioners and researchers from all over Europe and beyond. ETC offers in-depth presentations on policy issues, best practice and research findings across the broad spectrum of transport. ETC also provides an opportunity where delegates can enjoy networking opportunities, participate in virtual [...]

September 13-15, 2021, 49th European Transport Conference2021-05-19T04:27:39-03:00

July 29-30, 2021, AITPM National Conference

AITPM National Conference July 29-30, 2021Brisbane, Australia The 2021 AITPM National Conference will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 July 2021.  We are pleased to have all our fantastic sponsors on board with us for our National Conference and we thank them for their continuing support of the AITPM and its members.  Our event will be a bit different to the usual AITPM conferences, with a slightly shortened duration and a more focused program.  The in-person confere [...]

July 29-30, 2021, AITPM National Conference2021-03-25T13:13:31-03:00

July 6-8, 2021, 14th Conference on Transport Engineering

14th Conference on Transport Engineering July 6-8, 2021 The 14th Conference on Transport Engineering (CIT 2021) will be held from Burgos (Spain) from 6th to 8th of July 2021. The venue of the Conference will be the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Burgos. The slogan of the CIT 2021 is: “R-Evolution of Transport”.This theme arises that the current situation of transport, with costs and externalities (congestion, emissions, fuel consumption, road accidents, etc.) increasingly higher, [...]

July 6-8, 2021, 14th Conference on Transport Engineering2021-03-25T13:01:09-03:00

June 25, 2021, SimSub and SimCap Summer Meeting

SimSub and SimCap Summer Meeting June 25, Online  The Simulation Subcommittee (SimSub) is a joint subcommittee of ACP20, ACP25, ACP40, ACP50, ACP55, ACP80, AEP40, and AMS10. SimSub aims to: converge and support dialogue between key industry, user-related, and research groups in the traffic simulation field as to foster joint efforts, improve products, and address user needs.  ITE Simulation and Capacity Analysis Committee (SimCap) is a volunteer network of professionals who have organized togeth [...]

June 25, 2021, SimSub and SimCap Summer Meeting2021-03-25T12:19:00-03:00

June 21-24, 2021, AppCon 2021

18th TRB Conference on Transportation Planning Applications (AppCon 2021) June 21-24Online AppCon attracts professionals from the academic, public, and private sectors to explore practical applications of transportation planning advances. The conference will include instructive and insightful presentation of the application of innovative tools and techniques to address a wide range of planning contexts and challenges illustrated with relevant case studies. This conference is the “place to be” to [...]

June 21-24, 2021, AppCon 20212021-03-25T12:18:00-03:00

June 21-22, 2021, ITS Canada Virtual Summer Conference

ITS Canada Virtual Summer Conference June 21-22, 2021 Engage with 350+ ITS professionals – people from the public sector, private sector, and academia in Canada’s largest ITS focused conference. With “Zoom fatigue” being a frequently uttered phrase, we wanted to have a different sort of conference – a conference that’s not just endless presentations. Instead of simply duplicating all the elements of a physical conference, we’ve completely reworked this conference to make it engaging and worthwhi [...]

June 21-22, 2021, ITS Canada Virtual Summer Conference2021-03-25T12:17:10-03:00

June 16-18, 2021, INSTR 2021

8th International Symposium on Transport Network Reliability (INSTR) June 16-18Online The INSTR series is the premier gathering for the world’s leading researchers and professionals interested in transport network reliability, to discuss recent research and future directions. The scope of the symposium includes all aspects of analysis and design to improve network reliability. This year special focus is on resilience aspects and reliability effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more Aimsun on [...]

June 16-18, 2021, INSTR 20212021-03-02T11:14:00-03:00

June 16-18, 2021, MT-ITS 2021

MT-ITS 2021 June 16-18, 2021 The chair of Transportation System Engineering of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is organising the 7th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems MT-ITS 2021. The conference, which was supposed to take place in Heraklion (Crete, Greece), will instead be held virtually, due to the current pandemic situation. Streamed events will include keynotes, breakout sessions, and interactive sessions thanks to a dedi [...]

June 16-18, 2021, MT-ITS 20212021-03-02T11:13:31-03:00

Juin 14-16, 2021, 48ème Congrès ATEC ITS France

48ème Congrès ATEC ITS France Juin 14-16, 2021Paris, France ATEC ITS France organise l’unique événement dédié à la mobilité intelligente en France qui rassemble les acteurs de l’exploitation durable des systèmes de transport terrestres et de la mobilité intelligente (acteurs économiques, politiques, institutionnels, scientifiques, presse). Learn more here The post Juin 14-16, 2021, 48ème Congrès ATEC ITS France appeared first on Aimsun. Post original [...]

Juin 14-16, 2021, 48ème Congrès ATEC ITS France2021-03-02T11:10:00-03:00
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