It couldn’t be more intuitive: simply click on the object to visualize and compare statistics.

The latest in Aimsun outputs:

Panis et al emission model improvement:
The Panis et al emission model allows you to modify the default values that were previously fixed in Aimsun (following the values provided in the paper that the model is based on).

Public transport stop outputs:
You can now store the arrival and leaving time of each public transport vehicle at each public transport stop.

Total number of lane changes:
A new output for the replication shows the total number of lane changes in the whole model.

HCM2010 outputs:
Aimsun 8.1 provides HCM 2010-compliant outputs in nodes and sections that are part of signalised node approach, merge area, diverge area and weaving area in a microscopic simulation.
Sections belonging to the same area or approach have the same HCM outputs.

Automatic macro outputs for subpaths and dynamic groupings after a static assignment:
As of version 8.1, subpaths contain macroscopic outputs as Total Cost and Total Values for function components. Also, with the introduction of dynamic groupings, statistics will be calculated for areas as well.